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Looking to make a day a little extra special?

Choose one of our cakes to start, then customize it.

Cookie Monster Cake

Blue cookies and cream ice cream, brownie base, fudge center layer, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and crushed Oreos.

Citrus Fruits Juice

The Classic Cake

One layer chocolate ice cream, once layer vanilla ice cream, with a fudge middle layer, sprinkles, cherries, and a brownie base.

Citrus Fruits Juice

Baklava Cake

Cinnamon honey ice cream, baklava base, baklava center, spiced honey, crushed walnuts, gold sprinkles

Citrus Fruits Juice

Worms n Dirt Cake

Chocolate ice cream, brownie base, fudge center layer, gummy worms, crushed oreo

Citrus Fruits Juice

Rose Pistachio Cake

Rose pistachio ice cream, graham base, crushed pistachios, dried rose petals

Citrus Fruits Juice
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