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Summer hours

It sure is feeling like summer lately! Graduations are beginning, we've got the AC running, and the ice cream is melting just a little bit faster than usual.

Ah, yes, this is our favorite season.

As of June 1, we are open from 12-9 every day other than Tuesdays, when we our closed. (Tuesdays are our "day off," AKA the day we frantically try to ensure that we are all squared away for the non-stop ice cream making that will define our lives for the weeks to come. Really pushing for a beach day here and there, though.)

We sincerely look forward to getting to see you all even more often with these extended hours. Come see us at noon, or nine, or any time in between.

We're starting off the summer strong with some fun flavors, some of which we have made before and some of which are totally new to the menu. Be sure to drop in to check them out! (Personal favorites right now are pink lemonade sorbet and blueberry pancake, but the biggest crowd pleaser seems to be cookie monster.)

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