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Taste culture, tradition, and international cuisine with pastries from Sanctuary Kitchen

*Partnering with likeminded producers, farmers, and makers is one of the most important aspects of our business, and one of our defining features. We do our best to work with businesses and organizations that we can stand behind 100%*

It is with great excitement that we announce we are officially carrying Sanctuary Kitchen pastries! Come into the shop to purchase an eclectic and absolutely delicious array of pastries hailing from around the world and made by immigrant and refugee chefs who have resettled in New Haven.

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Sanctuary Kitchen is an incredible organization with a beautiful mission: "partnering with immigrants and refugees to build economic opportunity and authentic connections through food." By using food as a medium of bringing culture, tradition, stories, history, and cuisine to the forefront, immigrant and refugee chefs are empowered to create and share a taste of their homeland.

"Global dessert box." Photo courtesy of

Sanctuary Kitchen was established in 2017 and is a program of CitySeed, a nonprofit based in New Haven with the goal of assisting New Haven residents in accessing fresh, healthy, local food. Sanctuary Kitchen has the same approach and mindset as CitySeed, though they also utilize the skills and knowledge of resettled immigrants and refugees from all over the world, who in turn become more economically resilient through employment with the organization and involvement within the community.

"Global cookie box." Photo courtesy of

With up to 500 refugees resettled in New Haven each year, having an organization that can help to create economic stability for these individuals and families at a time when they are seeking to become settled and comfortable in a new home is absolutely crucial. The organization serves as not only a means of economic sustainability for these individuals, but just as importantly, as a way for the community at large to come together and share stories, histories, traditions, and memories through meals.

So, what goodies of theirs are we now carrying, you ask?


-ASHUL BULBUL - "birds nests," shredded phyllo twirled into a nest shape with honey syrup and topped with pistachios. (Iraqi)

-MA'ARUTA (Date and sesame cookie, Syrian)

-PISTACHIO MA'AMOUL (Pistachio shortbread cookie, Syrian)

Did we mention that they are all DIVINE?

For those of you who have missed our kadaifi nests here at Honeycone, fear not, for we are now carrying this box of 3 small nests for you to take home, AND we have the large nests to put your favorite scoop atop (shown below)! This is an Iraqi style dessert called ashul bulbul, they are amazing!

Large ashul bulbul. WOW. Yum.

If you are ever in search of a class or demonstration on international cooking, are looking for fantastic catering, or other multicultural food-centric events (in person OR virtual during the pandemic), look no further than Sanctuary Kitchen. In supporting them, know that you are directly supporting Sanctuary Kitchen chefs' wages, employment, professional training, and the integration of refugees and immigrants into the Greater New Haven area.

Holiday cookie box featured above is available at Honeycone now through the holidays!

We feel so fortunate to be a carrier of Sanctuary Kitchen pastries, and look forward to being able to share them with you all. They all taste good with ice cream, too, believe us!

Ma'aruta (date and sesame cookies) and Pistachio ma'amoul (pistachio-filled shortbread cookies) both hailing from Syria. SO delicious!

The dynamism and breadth of what Sanctuary Kitchen seems to be capable of bringing to fruition seems endless, and because we cannot explain every aspect of this organization here, we highly suggest you look into them yourself. Links and further contact information available below.





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