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You Get What You Giv*

*Partnering with likeminded producers, farmers, and makers is one of the most important aspects of our business, and one of our defining features. We do our best to work with businesses and organizations that we can stand behind 100%*

When pulling together the details of our dream ice cream shop, one of the most obvious things to us was that in addition to making the best ice cream possible, we likewise wanted to be serving the best coffee possible, too. After extensive research (the best kind of research - driving around and drinking coffee at our favorite cafes) it became apparent to us that we needed to look more closely at Giv Coffee in Canton CT, whose coffee we had already tried and loved.

Photo courtesy of Giv Coffee Facebook

On the day we drove up to the roastery to meet Jeff, one of the co-owners, we were instantly blown away at the attention to detail they maintained in every aspect of their process. The passion and love he had for coffee and the producers they work with directly to source all of their coffees was clear from the start and unwavering throughout the hours we spent talking with, learning from, and tasting coffee with him.

We love making our cold brew float with Giv coffee. Two scoops of Madagascar vanilla + cold brew? Mhm. Perfection.

We learned about the many countries they source from, and learned about how often they make trips to these locations. This means that they truly have relationships with their growers, and oftentimes referenced them by name throughout our conversation, making everything feel so much more personal. This was especially notable because despite living in different hemispheres, it was clear that there were years-long ongoing relationships with these growers. This kind of relationship with and awareness of one's product, growing conditions, and the growers themselves was something we were looking for in whichever coffee source we decided to partner with.

Photo courtesy of Giv Coffee Facebook

The day ended in coffee cupping, allowing us to taste their medium roast Freedom blend (which we ended up going with for our drip coffee we pour in the shop daily) as well as multiple single origin light roasts. They were all fantastic with an incredible and beautiful array of fruit and floral notes in each one.

Photo courtesy of

We are now carrying an assortment of Giv coffees. Check out what we've got in store for you below! They are the perfect gift for yourself as a way to get the day started off right, and are an equally fantastic stocking stuffer for the coffee lover in your life. One of the best parts is also knowing that you supporting Giv means that you are directly supporting the growers themselves, which at Honeycone is something that is always at the forefront of our minds when finding people and organizations to partner with.

FREEDOM BLEND: Medium roast profile. Creamy, bodied, sugar sweetness, balanced.

TORRES NATURAL: Costa Rica. Strawberry, apple, winey.

VISTA BELLA: Nicaragua. Blueberry, dark chocolate, strawberry.

BANKO MICHICHA: Ethiopia. Grape juice, berries, jasmine.

BANKO GOTITI: Ethiopia. Raspberry, strawberry, jasmine.

CRISTOBAL: Costa Rica. Juicy, pear, chocolate.

DON NICHO: Honduras. Raspberry, kiwi, dark chocolate.

AZAHAR DECAF: Colombia. Cherry, cream, chocolate.

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